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What Piano Should i Buy?

Finally, as we wrap up this article, we’d like to leave you with five great digital pianos that we feel are great for beginners and intermediate players. Whether you want to buy the piano brand new or used, we think most players will be quite content with any of the following five pianos:


This entry-level piano offers the best value to students and beginners, with a great hammer-action keyboard and ten good sounds. With a MSRP of $399, you can buy this piano for $349 (new, online) or around $299 (used). In this case, since the price difference is relatively negligible, we recommend buying new.


This piano includes the Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR sound engine and the renowned Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard, along with great features and mechanical emulations.

You can buy for new from both online and local stores for $469, but if you’re lucky to find one of the few used units, you can make yours a second hand PX-150 for $399. In this case, we’d opt for the used unit.



This affordable Kawai piano has one of the greatest 88-key weighted action in this price range and possibly the best sounding piano engine of its category.

You can find the ES-100 for the street price of $799 (new), but being a relatively new product, you’re not going to find lots of used units in both online and offline spaces. Here, you might want to go the brand new route.


The new furniture-cabinet digital piano from Casio has the best value ever in its price range and includes many of the best features contained within other pianos in the Privia line. You can buy a new one for just $799, while used units are still on sale for about $749 (depending on where you look).

We recommend buying the new instrument if the prices are that close, or you can simply wait for the new Casio PX-760 to become a bit more popular in the market and then see if you can track down a very used PX-750.


This revamped iteration of the Clavinova furniture-cabinet pianos offers a stunning sound engine, great keyboard action with ivory keytops, an elegant furniture stand and lots of educational and fun features. It ships for $2899 in its most affordable finish, but you can buy it used for $2300 to $2500.

Being a home piano that’s not meant to be even the least bit portable, any used unit you come across might be in pretty good condition. If so, you can potentially save up to $500. If that’s the case, it’s recommended you purchase this piano used. More at

How Can I Find The Best Digital Stage Piano?

While pianos are a part of a lot of bands, it isn’t easy to lug a piano on stage for a show. That’s why a lot of people are buying digital stage pianos instead.

A piano like this can be a great investment, but you’ll want to make sure you buy the right product for you. Here are a few things you’ll want to look for:

Find A Piano That Is Designed For Stage Use

Some digital pianos are designed to be used at home. You’ll want to avoid buying pianos like these. Instead, you will want to specifically seek out pianos that were designed to be used on a stage. You can make sure you have the right kind of piano if you read the product description. More at

Find A Piano That’s Lightweight And Easy To Carry

If you are going to be carrying your piano from one destination to another, you will have to make sure that carrying your piano won’t be a hassle for you. You should look for a lighter piano that will be easy for you to carry around. More at

Find A Piano With Performance-Friendly Features

Even pianos that are designed for stage use don’t always have all of the right features. If you are going to be plugging your piano into an amp, or hooking it up to a microphone, then you are going to have to make sure that you can do that. You will want to seek out other helpful features as well.

Do you want to find one of the best digital stage pianos around? If you want to buy a great piano, you’re going to have to be prepared to look closely at your options. There re plenty of choices, and not every piano out there will work for you.

The Best Digital Pianos For Kids Are For The Long Term

The Best Digital Pianos For Kids Are For The Long Term

You might think that the best digital piano for kids wouldn’t have to be a large full one with 88 weighted keys. However, it’s actually best if they learn on something that is like the real thing. I learned on a regular piano when I was a kid, and it strengthened my fingers and enabled me to play more passionately if you will. It gives your fingers a workout to play the piano.

However, they have the weighted keys down to a science now. It’s not just close to what it’s like to play a regular piano but exactly what it’s like. If you are not able to play one but are instead looking at them online, you can tell how it’s very important to get down to the specifics.

What makes some of the models more special than others? While you want to get your child the best digital piano for learning, would a cheaper, more standard model be best?

The Best Digital Pianos For Kids Are For The Long Term
The Best Digital Pianos For Kids Are For The Long Term

If your child is going to upgrade later, wouldn’t it make sense to buy cheaper when he or she is learning? Well, it would if you weren’t going to buy a digital piano with weighted keys. If you want to buy cheap at first, you will either want to just get a keyboard or an older traditional piano. Otherwise, you should get exactly what you want when it comes to a digital piano. More at

An investment in one of these pianos should be made with the idea in mind that there will be no upgrade later on. Your child will learn on and continue to play this piano for years to come. Get the one with the latest technology so that the technology doesn’t become outdated too soon. There should be forward looking features and upgrade possibilities for these pianos when you buy them. More at